What's it all about ?

Smartflow is an intelligent transaction flow analyzer and a proactive metrics reporting solution. It uses scientific theory of constraints to pin-point bottlenecks and their overall effect on processes.

Smartflow is flexible, ie. it can work on all procurement processes. Its scientific flow analyzer and recommendations engine is proactive, the user does not have to perform any complex computation or workflow.

Smartflow provides visual process flow and helps in optimizing resources with significant reduction in escalations

Business Challenges

Bad Experience

Procurement viewed as a bad experience story by many

Resource Crunch

Lack of optimal human resource

Complex Data

Failures cannot be quantified because of data compexity

Lack of Clarity

Unclear map of constraints within and across categories

Poor Performance

Process leading to questions by internal customers and suppliers

Dependency on Suppliers

Difficulty in taking quick & right decisions


Different and disjoint data systems

Metric Problems

Long lead time to capture and report procurement metrics result into reactive process

Major Limitations of Existing Solutions

Lack of volumetric, category, region or supplier context to the metrics
Slow reporting of metrics (weekly) resulting in post facto analysis
Only symptom based and SLA based alerts, alerts based on cause or input metrics are required

Major Smartflow Features


Fastest way to temporarily pull data from core BW solution into a temporary hyper database.

Flow Designer

Customize P2P process flows with metric assignment feature to highlight areas where data or process to capture data is unavailable.

Metric Probe

Calculate metrics based on nominator and denominator, get unique principle factor algorithms to find key causes and highlight them in dashboard.

Smart Flow Analyzer

Apply lean and theory of constraints concepts and algorithms to highlight process flow constraints and optimization points.

Exception Shell

Enable inclusion, exclusion, partial exclusion and special treatment of specific data sets, with user enable switch on and off.

Smart Tile View

An intelligent display layer which structures the data into smart tile views relevant to different levels of procurement professionals. The common tileviews are Metrics Tiles and Savings Comparison Tiles.

Intuitive Analytics Recommendations Engine

An engine with a mix of prediction, optimization and genetic self-learning algorithms. Identification of non-evident variations for cost savings. Automatic suggestions.

Smart Broadcast

Allowing different users to view and self-serve based on access levels across different platforms like PC and Mobile.

Smartflow Solution Highlights

Complete Coverage

Enables metrics drill down view from strategic to tactical to operational areas

Flexible to work

Can work with all current procurement platforms - transactional, reporting or savings capture in almost real-time manner

Pre-Set Plugins

We can create pre-set plugins for any category and industry

Sensitivity Scenario Analyses

Can simulate what-if scenarios in the process to pre-determine possible outcomes

Smartflow Benefits


Faster, easier and a comprehensive capture and reporting - almost real-time


Comprehensive capture and reporting - almost real-time

Visual Flow

Visual flow of the processes, constraints, metrics and volumes - easy to understand


Upto 20% optimization of resources and over 80% reduction in issues, escalations