What's it all about ?

Robocop is a automatic contract compliance solution. Its advanced text processor reads and analyses contract terms along with PO terms.

Robocop's in-built forensic signal processor identifies potential non-compliance. The intuitive recommendation engine reports opportunities for efficiency.

Robocop makes any organization's compliance process wide, accurate, and repetitive, while providing meaningful insights to users.

Business Challenges

Continuous Monitoring

Contract to PO match monitoring is a labour intensive and challenging process.

Highlighting The Deviations

Deviations from negotiated terms are difficult to catch and highlight.

Comprehending Text Terms

Text format makes automatic monitoring difficult

Capturing the unknown

Inefficient and summary level audit process lgeaves several problems unnoticed.

Major Limitations of Existing Solutions

Works on just pricing, cannot address all relevant economic terms.
No insights into commitments on cost reductions.
No understanding of rebate and volume discounts on % share of wallet volume agreements.
Lack of information on penalties and bounties based on performance of suppliers.

Major Robocop Features


Fastest way to temporarily pull data from core BW solution into a temporary hyper database.

Text Analyzer

Powerful analyzer to sift through millions of documents, break and compare sets to structure data.

Forensic Signal Processor

Detect non-compliance areas, seek desired vs. undesired variations on the basis of buyer's benefit.

Smart Share

View and self serve based on access levels across different platforms along with different users.

Exception Shell

Enable inclusion, exclusion, partial exclusion and special treatment of specific data sets, with user enable switch on and off.

Smart Tile View

An intelligent display layer which structures the data into smart tile views relevant to different levels of procurement professionals. The common tileviews are Metrics Tiles and Savings Comparison Tiles.

Intuitive Analytics Recommendation Engine

An engine with a mix of prediction, optimization and genetic self-learning algorithms. Identification of non-evident variations for cost savings. Automatic suggestions.

Robocop Solution Highlights

Text to Insights

Powerful word and text analyzer to sift through complex data

Compass Towards Important And Urgent

Points out areas where to 80% of benefit lies

Flexible to work

Can connect to any data source, can read and process any kind of data

Smart Broadcast

Ability to suggest audits to fellow colleague

Robocop Benefits


Upto 20-25% additional savings in specific categories in year 1 and 2.


One-time windfall gain where the solution is deployed

Visual Flow

No negative impact on supplier relationship, if positioned as a regular contract review rather than as non-compliance.