What's it all about ?

Cleverspend is an innovative solution to solve today's procurement challenges. It is the result of domain excellence, scientific value-capture workflow, and cutting edge enablement technology.

Cleverspend's intuitive recommendation engine works on patent worthy value search algorithm which automatically finds opportunities and calculates potential savings per business rules for users.

With Cleverspend, procurement users can focus on achieving cost savings rather than spending time searching for opportunities. All of this is made possible by Allgebra's cutting edge analytics approach and deep technical ability to execute.

Procurement Leaders' Biggest Challenge

High Data Fragmentation

Critical pieces of information in different silos across multiple systems leading to complex, unsustainable and sub-optimal processes.

High Complexity

Too many part numbers in direct categories: difficult and unsustainable ways of data collection, assimilation and analysis.

Fragmented Suply Base

Long tail supplier base with un-optimized share of wallet: higher cost and complexity, low negotiation power, lesser control.

Low Category Level Depth

Lack of in-depth insights into certain indirect categories - inadequate root-cause analysis and poor cost control.

Low Compliance

Long tail supplier base with un-optimized share of wallet: higher cost and complexity, low negotiation power, lesser control.

Low Spend Visibility

Inability to mine distributed data in multi system environment: eroded negotiation power, sub optimal decisions, continuous cost leakage.

Delayed Insights

Cumbersome and time-consuming methods of spreadsheets-driven data analysis: delay in getting answers for the questions of procurement leaders.

Major Limitations of Existing Solutions

Not more than enhanced spreadsheets
Generic insights
Lack of real time processing
Low category depth
No auto opportunity recommendation

Major Cleverspend Features

Data Source Agnostic

Cleverspend can work with multiple data types and sources - including structured and unstructured data pulled from spreadsheets and file locations. This results in low infrastructure complexity & low cost.


Cleverspend is equipped with latest HyperDB which works with enterprise data sources in real time. Cleverspend temporarily pulls data from core BW into a temporary hyper database to provide current information to users.

Inductive Signal Processing Engine

Cleverspend's inductive signal processing engine processes data into signals within seconds unlike the commonly used deductive analysis engine. This helps in quicker response to user queries.

Intuitive Analytics Engine

Cleverspend's patent worthy core, it works on a self learning savings-search genetic algorithm. It automatically identifies even the non-evident variations suggesting cost-saving opportunities to the users.

Exception Shell

Cleverspend facilitates inclusion, exclusion, partial exclusion and special treatment of specific data sets to enable the user to design rules or create on-the-go addressable and non -addressable spend boundaries.

Smart Tile View

Intelligent display layer which structures the signals into smart tile views relevant to different levels of procurement professionals. Most common tile views are Metrics Tiles, Price Comparison Tile, Rationalization Tile.

Real Time On-click Processing

An innovative lag response killing technology which enables lightning fast communication between user clicks and signal processing engine to improve user experience.

Smart Broadcast

Smartbroadcast allows different users to view and self-serve based on access levels across different platforms like PC and Mobile.

Cleverspend Solution Highlights

Flexible to work

Can work with all current procurement platforms - transactional, reporting or savings capture in almost real-time manner

Pre-Set Plugins

Pre-set plugins available for major categories, customization possible

Any Data Source

Can connect to any data source

Shortest Development Time

Enterprise wide deployments in 90-120 days - shortest in industry

Cleverspend Benefits

More in Less Time

Analyze - automate deep dive - share. One stop for all

Real-time Processing

Click to process, no waiting for reports and analysis Significant reduction in turnaround time (from Avg 14 days to a few clicks)

More Savings

Increase savings by a minimum 3-5% or more depending on the category