What's it all about ?

Today's configure to order supply chains are complex and this creates separate challenges for sales and procurement organizations.

Sales has to work on realistic customer commitments and to depend on upstream supply chain to feed information. On the other hand procurement has to manage the multi- dimensional variables in demand and supply scenarios by making required material available at right time in right quantity.

One of the biggest challenge both organization face is limited collaboration and low level of material flow visibility in overall chain.

Clevercheck is designed to enable both organizations to work in collaboration and view easy to use accurate information from all the nodes to push revenues and savings up. Clevercheck enables sales organization to check product availability in real time, view available alternates, simulate options on demand based on features, and have accurate future pipeline by just tapping on Mobile app, so no more struggles with individual emails and spreadsheets before giving delivery commitments to customers.

On the other hand it enables procurement organization to have all sales functionality on products plus tracking shortages in real time, drilling down on raw materials, viewing supplier to customer material flow, blocking material for orders, pushing buy/hold signals to ERP, and setting inventory targets with the help of scientific algorithms to reduce cost.

Business Challenges

Customer Commitments

Customer commitments are inaccurate due to low material visibility at desired configuration level.

Material Flow

Supplier to customer level material flow visibility is patchy.

Sell What You Have

Low or no visibility on what could be the available alternative product configurations which could be discussed with customers.


Raw material optimization still follows one size fits all and high pain high value methods.

Major Limitations of Existing Solutions

Limited as - is visibility without any value added simulations or analyses
No insights about alternative product configurations availability to push sales
No science based inventory optimization ability
No end to end chain view

Major Clevercheck Features

Intuitive Search

Product hierarchy based auto suggestive search to easily find products.

Zoom In Zoom Out Views

Chain level to specific product level drill down ability with working details.

Optimization Engine

Scientific multi variable raw material optimization to advise dynamic inventory levels to meet customer demand and keep commitments high while tight control on cost.

Shortage and Alternate Analyzer

Engine analyzes the impact of shortages and advises alternative product configurations with user controlled similarity to desired configuration.


Fastest way to store and analyze data from customer data sources. Hyperdb manages the data attributes consisting multi source, multi format, volume, variety, variable refresh rates, periodic structural changes, and processes data based on variety of simulations and analyses demand.

Commitment Engine

Virtual assembly and product simulation from various forms of raw material through real factory rules to give realistic customer commitments. Engine provides total maximum availability based on supplier commitments, raw material availability, sub assembly availability and considers the alternate raw material, lead time, and material cost.

E-Commerce User Interface

Beautiful and user friendly e-commerce type layouts and work flow to make the enterprise simulations easy and interesting for users without any need of extensive training.

Clevercheck Solution Highlights

End To End Visibility

Full chain level product and material flow view for better control and accurate customer commitments

Commitment Enhancement

Alternate product configurations to push more sales and reduce demand to delivery lead time

Flexible To Work

Easy ecommerce based interface and cloud based secure access through mobile and PC enables office on the move and higher productivity

Clevercheck Benefits

Faster Revenue Realization

Full spectrum of availability information and material block function reduces commit failures and pushes sales up.

Better Storage Control

Time window based connected pipeline and shortage view helps to catch time frame based dynamic shortage and availability.

More Savings

Multi user environment, no waiting for reports, real time processing increase savings by 3-5% or more depending on category.